Monday, June 4, 2018

This is The Story Of The Richest Man In The Philippines, Henry Sy

Almost all Filipino know that Henry Sy Sr. is one of the wealthiest business personality in the Philippines. All of his achievements in life had been accumulated from scratch and hard work. Because of all his efforts, he became the country's well-known successful businessman.

But in contrast to most people's viewpoint about his fame, Henry Sy's triumphant win over his enormous business venture came up from a small business ordeal which is more like a rags-to-riches kind of story. Being born in China with poverty tag on his name, it was not like most people think about. Henry Sy was fed up with having a silver spoon in his mouth but always wanted to escape poverty. 

He and his father went to the Philippines to find a different kind opportunity but only to find hardship in the foreign country.

To get through his needs, Henry worked hard day and night with a determination to become successful. He started in a small business with his sari-sari store which helped him provide with his family their daily needs. From having a smaller place to live in, He and his father made themselves successful through the years of trials and hardship which made them bear the fruits of their labors. Henry Sy also coped in the Philippine with hard living for he has to learn the English language.

After the collapse of the economy in the Philippines because of the World War II, their store got burned down and made Henry Sy's father go back to China. But because of his determination to become successful, he stayed throughout their struggle and rebuild their fortune through his own shoe business in Marikina.

He also had to enroll himself to go to school to have an education but gave it up for his business. He also changed his legal name to get through it and many other things that put him through hardships but he never gave up.

Even with all his failures in business, he still pursued his career on it and never backed down a bit. He persevered to gain success and endured a lot of trials. All of his hardship bear fruit and made him successful. They now have over 40 plus malls and different business ordeals across the country which made Henry Sy the most leading figure in the business industry.

Everybody admires his passion and resilience over hardships and trials which inspires them to do the same thing.

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